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We build athletes.

Join our 2023 Beta Program before positions are filled!

Deliver YOUR ATHLETE a personalized performance program. Coaches – we are happy to provide a team presentation. For more information, email us today!

We build athletes.
A peak performance program to reach the ‘next level’ for athletic potential. Our program includes extensive genomic analysis, meal plans, health coaching and wearable tech.

Start your genomic health journey with a lifestyle assessment quiz.

The Genetic Test Kit provides you with your genetic raw data utilizing a simple-to-use cheek swab. Provides raw data on nearly 760,000 genetic variants.

Upgrade your health and optimize your performance highlighting your unique diet, sleep, stress, fitness performance, and supplementation code.

Take the guesswork out. Data-Driven recommendations include nutrition, meal plans, supplementation, sleep, detox, athletic performance and eliminating toxins.

I find with my performance plan, I’m trying to get better every day, instead of trying to find shortcuts.
– Jacob, UAB Football

My biggest genetic take away was surprisingly motivating for my health & performance goals.
– Madison, Homewood Birmingham

Health Coaching

Your day to day interactions from the foods you eat, air you breathe and thoughts you think, constantly inform your genome to activate or hibernate. Have you ever wondered why one diet works for one person and not another? The difference isn’t in the diet, it’s in your genes and how they respond to the foods you eat. Each person is unique. Your code contains the blueprint to support your individual expression of thriving health and wellbeing. A certified epigenetic coach can support you in understanding your genetic potential and our health coaches help guide the precise lifestyle strategies that you can leverage to enhance your health and PERFORMANCE.

Our coaches are certified in functional medicine and we use epigenetic specialists to help you reach your peak potential.

Performance Plans

Accurate data-driven recommendations for these health & performance areas

Our coaches are certified in functional medicine and we use epigenetic specialists to help you reach your peak potential.

Genomic Analysis

G1 Sports Genetic test kit uses the highest lab standards and accuracy in reporting of more than 760,000 genes. This generates the raw data of your genetic code that is then interpreted to deliver hundreds of lifestyle markers. You’ll gain the clarity you need to take control of your ability to reach limitless potential.

Endurance gene – ACE Elite endurance athletes (even middle-distance runners, cyclists, and rowers) usually have a specific combination of genes that makes them genetically and naturally better at long-distance events. If you have the power/strength version, endurance is harder for you to build up to.

Gene for Vo2 max improvement – CKM The CKM gene impacts how energy is used in your cells and how well you process oxygen, which is important for speed and endurance. If you carry the “endurance athlete and increased aerobic capacity” genotype, you’re in a good place for ramping up your Vo2 max; if you carry the “weightlifting and combat athletes and lower VO2max” response, you’ll need recommendations to combat this.

Personalized Data Limitless Potential

Get 24/7 personalized insights into your daily health analytics. Monitor sleep, measure recovery, stress, body composition and so much more using gold-standard wearable technology such as Oura, Garmin, Whoop, and Elite HRV. Our personalized performance team will analyze, interpret, and guide you with recommendations on how to optimize your health and reach peak performance. Intelligent and data-driven.

We use the same technology worn by NFL, PGA, and NBL players.